“This is a brand for girls like me. It’s taken years, but finally I have come to realize that it is the smallest things that inspire and enrich the every day, whether it be an ornately embellished set of greeting cards, an ethereal maxi dress, or a plush embroidered throw pillow on display in a vintage chair.” -Letitia

Letitia Elizabeth is a New York-based eco lifestyle brand that imparts a sense of discovery, natural wonder, and Parisian spirit to the refined bohemian hedonist. For her, Letitia Elizabeth Home is an escape from the world that doesn’t know her true desires; it is a source of inspiration and delight, where she can embrace her insatiable hunger for adventure, wanderlust, glamour, artfulness, femininity, and good design. Enter Letitia Elizabeth — created to present the most treasured, pure, beautiful objects of desire that will add a unique touch to day-to-day living during those times when material things really does equal happiness.

We believe that life is best lived slowly, mindfully, but artfully. We know pleasure always trumps sacrifice which is why we do all the hard work to find the most earth-friendly raw materials so all you have to choose is which color you want, not contributing to pollution or human trafficking. And we know that luxury is a state of mind crafted with passion and patience. Our exquisite handcrafted pieces are designed to celebrate both the self and the world beyond, by encompassing the richness of the natural environment using delicious textiles that are both socially and environmentally sound. So Letitia Elizabeth isn’t simply a brand of homewares and fashion. It is a sumptuous window to the world, and yet an oasis of pleasure and comfort within the home. Until you experience it for yourself, you will never appreciate what simple, earthly delights can be had in this life. Okay that’s untrue. But we hope all our fluffy waxing poetic above inspires you to shop. Preferably with us!


The Letitia Elizabeth Girl: uncontrollably dreams of trips to Venice and anywhere in France, loves matte pastels but tells the world she’s more dark and edgy, has a collection of vintage dolls because it seems more mature than Barbie, longs for old botanical prints, spreads meyer lemon butter on day-old scones, grows a veggie garden on her windowsill but has a failing green thumb, never goes a Sunday without freshly cut flowers on a reclaimed wood kitchen table, idolizes Carrie Bradshaw, knows where her food and fashion comes from, wears sneakers and striped tee shirts on Saturday. 

building the new American designer lifestyle brand

Designed in the center of the world; made down south where charming boys still open doors; out of materials that are good to the earth we all live on, and delivered right to your door. Each piece is made by sewing artisans who have been putting foot to machine peddle for over three decades. Our goal is, and will always be, to make every element of production of a designer brand local, from seed to stitch. Made in America is something to be reignited and we’re doing it. Not because its cool or trendy, but because we can.
Humble Designer Pricing
Ever wanted to shop with transparency and know exactly why your products cost what they do? By saying no to middle men who eat up profits, we can bring you gorgeous seasonal pieces at a fair price. The disparity between a designer selling for $900 at department stores, and only the cost of coffee at an outlet is a thing of the past. We bypass traditional retail and show you our modest markup. It’s just enough for us to work hard at designing luxurious pieces for you and affording a cup of coffee too!
Stunning Transparency
Screw the status quo. Ever since reading Dana Thomas’ miraculous Duluxe, fashion was a turn off. Our curious minds set us out on a mission to challenge the standards of an industry that prides itself on taking advantage of consumer ignorance. For you, we work hard to source every raw material and its origins then share those details with you. We don’t feel capitalism means thriving off of unethical profits so we share how much our products cost down to the cent. We are like, totally #TMI all the time.
Letitia Elizabeth Difference
We are nostalgic little buggers, and though we daydream about days of yore, we aim to blend fresh modernity with our heirloom quality. We don’t feel entitled to your trust, we aim to earn it. By spending months, sometimes years, tracking down the absolute best fair trade and ethical factories, we keep an eagle eye on our process from seed to stitch and know our sewers by name. You can be a material girl and still live in a mindful world. Our focus is having a home filled with purely perfect things. Less, but better.