Add Some “Organic” To Your Morning!

Add Some “Organic” To Your Morning!

Hello World! My name is Letitia and I am a morning coffee addict.

Sound familiar?

And really, is there any other smell more intoxicating than the first drips of your morning brew? Coffee is a simple pleasure and, in the morning, sometimes a dire necessity. But I am also fully aware that my addiction to take-out coffee is doing nothing for my wallet or the environment. And more importantly, coffee doesn’t grow anywhere near New York.

I love it.

I savor the moments when I get to share it with friends and yes, sometimes it is even my morning lifeline.

But I am starting to believe that my morning routine should be filled with foods that are going to energize me and keep me awake for the rest of the day. My meals should also reflect my lifestyle choices- simple, local, and fresh. Breakfast is an easy place to start. Here are a few ways to add a bit of organic to your morning meal. I promise you will feel a difference. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


Enjoy local fruits and veggies.

Skip the boxed, pre-cut fruits and veggies and head over to your local farmer’s market. Load up on spring strawberries, summer blueberries, and apples in the fall. Many of these selections freeze well so load up for the colder months. (Seriously, no winter blue excuses!) Love your eggs? Search for local veggies and cheeses that will compliment your delightful side of eggs.


Put down the extra cash for hormone-free milk.

Yes, I know, organic can be expensive but when it comes to dairy, there is really no excuse. IT IS A MATTER OF HEALTH. No, I am not a scientist or a specialized nutritionist but I do have a brain and a large amount of common sense. Should I really be drinking milk from ill-treated cows who are regularly shot in the butt to keep up with over-the-top production standards? Probably not.


Fresh eggs!

While you are at the farmer’s market, pick up a carton of fresh local eggs. I cannot impress on you the huge difference in taste. I swear you will never look at a bleached store-bought egg again. Many farms also provide CSA opportunities meaning you could have your eggs ready for pick-up every week.


Prepare on-the-go meals.

The largest budget and health suck surely rears its ugly head on mornings where I barely have enough time to brush my teeth before heading out the door. Truly, I get it. But these are the moments when a little bit of preparation will keep your cute behind out of the drive-thru lane. Organic oatmeal, prepared fruit, yogurt already portioned out into cups- easy! Just spend a few extra minutes putting it together and bam- you are out the door with a breakfast that will actually get you through your hectic day.


Expand your definition of “morning food.”

Don’t be a narrow-minded breakfast eater! I know there are delicious staples and I would rarely pass up a hot plate of beautiful pancakes but, if you want a salad that is high in protein for breakfast, freaking eat it! Leftovers often make great morning meals. If you are putting as much thought into your dinners as you are into your breakfasts than you will be eating healthy and preventing food waste.


Recipes for the on-the-go gal? We would love to hear from you!

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