Eco-Friendly Gifts for Your BFF

Eco-Friendly Gifts for Your BFF

Let’s be honest- gift shopping can be hard!

Sure, you want to believe you are buying your father, mother, sister, brother something they not only want but will enjoy but it is hard to not feel like you are endowing them with more crap to put on the shelves of their home.

(You heard me, back away from the decorative plates!)

The ante is even higher if you are trying to buy local and sustainable goods for all your intimate friends. Yes, it sure as hell makes sense. If you want to declutter your home and divest yourself of unsustainable products, why would you buy them for someone else?!?!

But the truth is, sustainable “gifts” can often be pricey, strange, or just not all that usable. Thanks but I’ll take a pass on that recycled newspaper glued into the shape of a giraffe!  

Have no fear. We put together a sweet collection of eco-friendly gifts that won’t break the bank. (And we bet your friends will love them too!)









There are literally thousands of artisans across the world making repurposed jewelry. This particularly fun piece was found on Corner House Inn’s Etsy shop!

Wildflower Seed Bombs for potted plants or outdoor wonder.

Organic No Fuss (wonderful smelling!) Fire Starters for Campfires or Fireplaces.

A mini tree that will grow big and strong- just like your friendship!

Soy Candles because why not?

Artisan Soap- can be eco-friendly, vegetarian, and local.

Personally, I fell in love with these washable bowl covers from The Bowl Lover’s shop!

Obviously, eco-decor items! Please gander through our related items. I also loved this wool throw from Koromiko.

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