Put on Your Supergirl Cape: It’s World Environment Day

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that many of our planet’s ecosystems are pushing towards the point of no return. (All you really have to do is walk down the streets of New York City on trash pickup day, sheesh!) If you really need to suck down on yet another plastic bottle that will end up in the trash just remember to thank all the lovely sea creatures who are allowing you to decorate their home with your trash. #selfishmuch?

Yes, I guess a lifestyle change might be a little uncomfortable. But you know what else is uncomfortable? Not being able to breathe. So listen up! It is World Environment Day and it is the one day out of the year where people try to consciously educate themselves about how to improve their lifestyle for the betterment of, well everyone!

Shouldn’t we be concerned about the environment 24/7? Absolutely! Does that mean that we can’t take out one day of the year to celebrate our planet and collaborate on ways to improve it? Absolutely not! The United Nations seems to agree as they created WED to promote activities that will make the world a cleaner and greener place.

Call me crazy but I don’t want to leave others to clean up my not-so-beautiful mess. But who said that being green isn’t beautiful? (I think Kermit the frog taught us that valuable lesson!) If you want to rock a quick and radical lifestyle change that cleans up the air and puts a smile of satisfaction on your face- we salute you!

However, if saving the planet seems like the task of the century (which it is!) there are still plenty of small changes you can make on WED that will have a lasting impact over time.



And darling, if you are really stumped, I’m going to spell it out in black and white for you. Here are ten small steps you can take today that will reduce your eco-footprint.

  • Walk over and check that thermostat. The seasons are changing! Do you really need to burn that extra energy when you can simply open your windows? Mother nature has a natural cooling system- it’s called a breeze.
  • Set up a carpool. Just for today- give it a try! Who knows? You might actually find out that you like some of your co-workers.
  • Get your car tuned up. Your car is more fuel efficient if the tires are completely filled and everything is in working order.
  • Buy a reusable water bottle because interestingly enough, water tastes the same no matter what you use to carry it in. And afterwards, once it starts to feel like you just broke up with your favorite no good boyfriend, go treat yourself to retail therapy. Naturally of course.
  • Switch your payments and statements over to an electronic format. You are saving the planet from waste and your desk from buried clutter. Bam. Double win.
  • Install a surge protector. It will save you money and keep you from wasting precious energy. Bonus task: check your lightbulbs. Are you using an energy efficient product?
  • Collect recycled paper that can be reused in your printer. You might not be in kindergarten anymore but you can still use both side of your paper.
  • Install a water saving fixture on your kitchen sink. Seriously, most water saving faucet attachments cost less than $50 and will not require a plumber to install.
  • Look through your fridge and ask yourself, “Where the hell does my produce come from?â€? Did you know you were eating fruit from Chile? Next time you are out and about on your errands, trying finding products that are made close to home. You can pat yourself on the back for supporting your local community and for living a greener lifestyle.
  • If you are really digging World Environment Day, check online to see what events are happening in your area. Go out and volunteer. It will feel good to get your hands dirty.


Happy World Environment Day! (Now seriously, say goodbye to your Fuji water obsession. I’ll do the same with Smart Water. #accountability)

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