The Giving Keys (and other wonderful things!)

The Giving Keys (and other wonderful things!)

Sustainable shopping is hard work.

Yes, I preach (and sometimes bitch and moan) but I do understand the struggle.

So, when I find a product that is not only sustainably made but also carries with it the social message of change and love- well, I’m all over it.

Presenting: The Giving Keys!

The oh-so-wonderful jewelry concept that began with an old New York hotel room key- I kid you not! Founder Caitlin Crosby wore her hotel key as a necklace before having the brilliant idea that she could give old keys new life by engraving them with hopeful words. She rounded off her brilliant idea but hiring men and women who were experiencing varying degrees of homelessness to create and sell her concept.

But it doesn’t stop there- giving keys are meant to be stored away forever. They are meant to be worn, loved, and then given away when they need to inspire someone else.

Imagine that- something that can be worn with love and then given away. In a world defined by the have’s and the have not’s it seems crazy to think that someone would spend their own money on a piece of jewelry only to give it away. But, as God as my witness, people love this product. Call me mushy but I think it is because these pieces of jewelry call us to be better versions of ourselves. From production to the act of giving it away- this product has me feeling all the feels.

But you don’t need to buy to jewelry to start paying it forward now! Here are ten acts of kindness you can perform today to brighten up someone else’s day.


  1. Pay for someone else’s coffee.
  2. Give your garbage collector or postal employee a refreshing beverage. (Because they totally deserve it!)
  3. Give an honest compliment to a stranger.
  4. Tip a little larger than you would for excellent service.
  5. Leave quarters at a laundromat, vending machine, or payphone. (Do payphones still exist?)
  6. Spend some extra time reading to a child in your life.
  7. Clean up some litter in your neighborhood.
  8. Call an old friend just to say hello.
  9. Cut your neighbor’s grass.
  10. Give up your seat for someone else.

We only have one life to leave people, why not fill it with beautiful moments?

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  1. sherritwyman Log in to Reply Oct 27, 2015 - 01:51 AM

    awesome article and thoughts…might i add: when going over a toll bridge, pay for as many extra cars behind you as you can (I usually pay for three for some reason!)…and do not let the drivers you paid for catch up to you after they get through behind you! this on is a favorite!! Yours are great too…more the merrier! Happy Monday! Sherri T.

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