The Pillow Addict: The Art of Mixing and Matching Pillows

You’ve scanned Pinterest, tacked up photos on your dream board, and found yourself knee-deep in reams of fabric at your favorite local craft store trying to find the perfect color combinations and patterns to adorn your adorable living room couch.

And all I have to say?


This is design, not rocket science. And if you aren’t having fun then you have lost your sanity amidst the scraps of fabric stuck to the back of your dress. Pulling together your home should be fun and pillows are like confetti! Throw them around, mix and match, and never take it too seriously.

If you really are not a “throw all caution to the wind” sort of girl. Here are a few basic formulas to get you started.

Equal Parts Pattern to Solids: A classic look for the classic girl. Pick a few subtle solid colors and then match the color with a patterned pillow for an extra shot of interesting. This look goes well in minimalist design and in more eclectic boho everything-I-love-is-in-one-place sort of rooms. Easy peasy.

Bold Pattern to One Simple Pattern: This is a level up design method. Throw out your solid and replace it with a simple patterned pillow. Then add ultra funky designed pillows as statement pieces. Collect them together with a similar color or pattern if you are into the matchy-matchy sort of look.

Same Color Pallet, Different Sizes: If you aren’t into patterns at all (which… is hard for me to understand, but I’ll play nice) you can keep your color pallet theme but mix and match sizes and shapes. It will give your couch an uneven but playful look. Plus, you will totally be tempted to dive right into them as soon as they are appropriately placed.

Same Pattern Type, Difference Shapes: On the extreme opposite end, you can decorate your whole forsaken couch with patterned pillows that all carry the same theme. Think: all florals? Mix and match with different shapes for a totally different look that still, magically, goes together. If this is too much mixing and matching for you (yes, I know I can get a little enthusiastic) you can still pick different patterns but pull them together with the same color. I can get down with classic but funky!

Lastly, Opposites Attract: No, I am not giving you dating advice. But the laws of the universe are, well, universal. Sometimes a pop of color on a black patterned couch is all you need to pull together a simple chic urban look. If all else fails, don’t try to theme out your entire house. Let it breath and find pieces that contrast nicely. After all, people don’t often fit into one “design category” either.
Love your couch design? Drop us a line! We would love to see your pillow addiction in action!

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