Welcome to Letitia Elizabeth

Hi gorgeous! Welcome to the blog. I’m Letitia Elizabeth, your designer in residence ’round these parts. I’m so glad you took the time out of your hectic (or lazy Sunday) day to join me and my crew of rockstar #girlboss creatives in our little corner of the internet. Grab a comfy worn in loveseat, some wine or tea, and dig in. Just as I do with my collection, I’ll try my best to delight and inspire you with glimpses behind the scenes, fresh takes on home decor, must-have products from my fellow eco brands, and tidbits of news you can use.

In case you aren’t familiar with Letitia Elizabeth, (that’s me! the super smiley pillow-loving book nerd above), then please let’s get acquainted. I know all too well that feeling of entering “birthday cake” into google and ending up here by mistake. You can stalk me on the About page, learn about my process in the studio, or see what materials I love to work with.

I also would really love to take a second out of my own chaotic schedule and wholeheartedly thank all of those who helped to make this beautiful online shop and business possible. The incredibly talented and uber down-to-earth branding designer Alice Wicks is the coolest chick you’ll ever meet. She lives in Seattle too, that makes her awesome by default. The lovely Erin Walsh has newly joined us but she is the sweetest marketing whiz on the planet. We are iPhone 6 sisters! Annie B. is the glue that holds my image to the world together. Without her, I’d be hopeless in connecting with my beloved customers, like you!

I hope you’ve kicked off your shoes and choose to stay awhile. And come back as often as you like. You’ll really love it around here. If you don’t, please feel free to tell us why over here!

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